Public Transportation

Sierra County has no fixed route public transit service. Sierra County contracts with two non-profits to offer demand response and scheduled transit service to older adults and persons with disabilities, while also providing service to the general public if space is available. These two organizations are Incorporated Seniors Citizens of Sierra County, offering service in Eastern Sierra County; and Golden Rays Seniors Citizens, offering service in Western Sierra County.

Golden Rays Senior Citizens of Sierra County, Inc.

Incorporated Senior Citizens of Sierra County

Lilia Heuer
Director Gloria Shelton
Address P.O. Box 532
Downieville, CA 95936
305 A Main Street
Downieville, CA 

Address 302 First Street
P.O. Box 675
Loyalton, CA 96118
Email West County Transit Email East County Transit
Phone 530-798-8555 Text OK Phone 530-993-4770
Link Fare Schedule
Link Fare Schedule