All Local Testing Options

Free walk-up PCR Self Swab testing in Downieville at the Community Hall every Wednesday from 10am till Noon. Results usually in less then 48 hours. 

  • July 7, 14, 21, 28
  • August 4, 11, 18, 25

Below are facilities offering testing in or near Sierra County. Many clinics offer Drive-Thru Testing options. Always call first for screening and registration. 

  • Downieville Ambulance Urgent Care -Rapid testing for symptomatic people by appointment - (530) 289-3333 
  • Eastern Plumas Health Care (Loyalton) - (530) 993-1231
  • Eastern Plumas Health Care (Portola)- (530) 832-6600
  • Plumas District Hospital (Quincy) - (530) 283-5640
  • Sierra Nevada Medical Center (Grass Valley) - (530) 274-6000
  • Tahoe Forest Hospital (Truckee) - (530) 582-3450
  • Western Sierra Medical Clinic (Downieville) - (530) 274-9762

Home Self Test Kits

The FDA has approved many self testing kits which can be ordered on-line. Some test for antibodies and others for the active infection. Here is a list of a few. Costs ranging from FREE to $150.00 each.

Governor Newsom announced a new website to help Californians find a testing site near them.


Financial Coverage of COVID-19 Testing

1. Must health plans cover COVID-19 testing? 

Yes. Health plans must cover COVID-19 tests that are FDA approved or authorized, or approved by the state, without prior authorization and at no cost to the enrollee. This includes follow-up (serial/sequential) tests. This requirement applies to such tests administered by a skilled nursing facility.

2. Does the requirement for health plans to cover COVID-19 apply to testing for asymptomatic individuals? 

Yes. Health plans must cover testing for COVID-19 and may not deny coverage based on lack of medical necessity. Please refer to the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act” (CARES Act) for additional information. 

3. Does the requirement for health plans to cover COVID-19 testing apply to commercial, Medi-Cal, and Medicare Advantage plans? 

Yes. All of these plans must cover COVID-19 testing, without prior authorization, and at no cost to the enrollee. Similarly, recent guidance from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) also requires coverage of COVID-19 tests for beneficiaries in traditional Medicare coverage. 

4. Does the requirement for health plans to cover COVID-19 testing apply to self-funded, employer plans (also known as ERISA plans)? 

Yes. Self-funded employer plans also are required to cover COVID-19 testing and screening without cost to the enrollee, and without prior authorization. Please refer to the CARES Act for additional information.