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Bid Number: 15
Bid Title: Foote Road 191 Temporary Bypasses
Category: Request for Quote
Status: Closed
Bid Recipient: Sierra County Department of Transportation

Sierra County Department of Transportation is requesting a lump sum quote for the provision of all equipment, materials and labor necessary for the construction or a temporary bypass on Foote Road 300 in the Goodyears Bar area near Downieville CA.

Contractor shall construct two temporary bypasses of approximately 230’ at Site 3 and approximately 135’ at Site 4 in accordance with plans provided with this RFQ. All provisions contained within the plans shall be fully considered with the lump sum quote provided by contractor. Contractor will be required to enter into a Public Works Contract with Sierra County, a sample contract is attached to this RFQ.
Publication Date/Time:
8/9/2017 9:00 AM
Publication Information:
Web only informal bid request
Closing Date/Time:
8/21/2017 3:00 PM
Submittal Information:
Submit open quote directly to Sierra County Transportation
Bid Opening Information:
Open informal
Pre-bid Meeting:
Contact Person:
Bryan Davey
(530) 289-3201
Download Available:
Plan & Spec Available:
Request for Quotation package is available for download.
Business Hours:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Fax Number:
Plan Holders List:

The following requirements apply to all contractors for all public works projects in Sierra County. All contractors must:

1. Have a current, Class A valid California contractors license for which the company under the name for which the proposal is submitted.

2. Be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations. See the This requirement also applies to all subcontractors doing work on this project.

3. Provide the following information with the bid:
a. Your DIR registration number.
b. A list of all planned subcontractors, with name of company, project contact, business address/phone number, California contractor license number, DIR number, and total dollar amount of subcontract.
c. A written acknowledgement that all addenda (if applicable) have been reviewed and incorporated into the bid.

4. If the project is awarded, all work will require the payment of prevailing wages and successful contractor will be required to execute the attached Public Works Contract prior to the issuance of a Notice to Proceed.


Contractors are required to inspect the site of the work in order to satisfy themselves, by personal examination or by such other means as they may prefer, of the location of the proposed work and as to the actual conditions of and at the site of work. If, during the course of the examination, contractor finds facts or conditions which appear confusing to contractor, contractor shall apply to County for additional information and explanation before submitted the bid. However, no such supplemental information so requested or furnished shall vary the terms of the specifications of the Contractor’s sole responsibility to satisfy himself or herself as to the conditions of the work to be performed.

The submission of a bid by the contractor shall constitute the acknowledgment that, if awarded the contract, contractor has relied and is relying on contractor’s examination of (a) the site of the work, (b) the access to the site, and (c) all other data, matters, and things requisite to the fulfillment of the work and on contractor’s own knowledge of existing conditions on and in the vicinity of the site of the site of the work to be constructed under contract, and not on any representation or warranty of County. No claim for additional compensation will be allowed which is based upon a lack of knowledge of the above items.

Where technical reports or data have been utilized in the preparation of the contract documents, contractor may rely upon the accuracy of the technical data contained in such reports but not upon the interpretations or opinions contained therein for the completeness thereof for the purpose of bidding or construction.

Where plans and specifications contain drawings of physical conditions in or relating to existing surface conditions, including underground facilities, which are at or contiguous to the site, contractor may rely upon the accuracy of the data contained in such drawings but not upon the completeness thereof for the purposes of bidding or construction. If a mass diagram has been prepared for a project, it is for design purposes only. If it is made available to contractors, County assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the information contained therein and makes no guarantees with respect to reliance thereon.

Before submitting a bid, each contractor will, at contractor’s own expense, make or obtain any additional examinations, investigations, explorations, tests and studies and obtain any additional information and data which pertain to the physical conditions (surface, subsurface and underground facilities) at or contiguous to the site or otherwise which may affect cost, progress, performance or furnishing of the work and which contractor deems necessary to determine its bid for performing and furnishing the work in accordance with the time, price and other terms and conditions of the contract documents.

On request in advance, County will provide each contractor access to the site to conduct such explorations and tests as each contractor deems necessary for submission of a bid. Contractor shall fill all holes, clean up and restore the site to its former condition upon completion of such explorations.

The lands upon which the work is to be performed, rights of way and easements for access thereto and other lands designated for use by Contractor in performing the work are identified in the contract documents. All additional lands and access thereto required for temporary construction facilities or storage of materials and equipment are to be provided by Contractor.

Easements for permanent structures or permanent changes in existing structures are to be obtained and paid for by County unless otherwise provided in the contract documents.

QUESTIONS. Contractors shall not rely on oral statements. Oral statements will not be binding or legally effective. Contractors must submit any questions IN WRITING VIA EMAIL to the Project Manager. Questions will be accepted UP TO THREE (3) BUSINESS DAYS before the quote acceptance date. All questions and answers will then be posted on the County website for this RFQ. This information will be distributed NO LATER THAN TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS before the bid acceptance date.

QUOTE SUBMISSION. Quotes will be received via US mail at the Sierra County Information Systems Office, P.O. Box 8, Downieville, CA 95936 or they can be delivered to 100 Courthouse Square, Assessor's Office, Downieville, CA prior to 3:00 pm, Friday, June 02, 2017.

BID PREPARATION COST. Contractors are solely responsible for the cost of preparing their bids.

PROJECT TERM. Work shall start after contracts are fully executed and Notice to Proceed has been issued on or about August 23, 2017 and be completed no more than ten (10) working days after starting.

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS. The County of Sierra, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (78 Stat. 252) and the regulations of the Department of Commerce (15 C.F.R., Part 8), issued pursuant to such Act, hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively ensure that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, minority business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in consideration for an award.

This is a public works project. Pursuant to Sections 1770 and 1773 of the Labor Code of the State of California, the County of Sierra has ascertained the general prevailing rate of wages applicable to the work will be done. These rates are set forth in a schedule which is on file and available in the office of the Department of Public Works, County of Sierra. Contractor shall not pay less than the prevailing rate of wages. No bill will be considered unless it is made on a blank form furnished by the County of Sierra and is made in accordance with the provisions of the proposal requirements and conditions set forth in the contract documents.

A contractor or subcontractor shall not be qualified to bid on, be listed in a bid proposal, subject to the requirements of Section 4104 of the Public Contract Code, or engage in the performance of any contract for public work, as defined in this chapter, unless currently registered and qualified to perform public work pursuant to Section 1725.5. It is not a violation of this section for an unregistered contractor to submit a bid that is authorized by Section 7029.1 of the Business and Professions Code or by Section 10164 or 20103.5 of the Public Contract Code, provided the contractor is registered to perform public work pursuant to Section 1725.5 at the time the contract is awarded.


Owner specifically reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject any or all bids, or re-bid, or to waive inconsequential deviations from bid requirements not involving time, price, or quality of the work.

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