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Posted on: December 21, 2020

Vaccine Information for COVID-19

Why haven't I been contacted yet?

There are many factors in the vaccination process which effect how quickly vaccinations will happen in Sierra County:

  • The Health Department only receives very limited amounts of vaccine a week.
  • The entire vial of 10 -12 doses must be used in 6 hours of opening.
  • Every recipient needs to be observed for 15 minutes after vaccination.
  • Social distancing is required while waiting.
  • The Health Department is required by the State to “offer” it to everybody in each Tier, in the order of the Tiers, and document the responses.
  • Second doses are required 28 days later. These doses come out of the total weekly allocation at this time. 
  • Every vaccination must be recorded in the State system within 24 hours. 

It is quite possible by the time Sierra County Public Health finishes Phase 1a Tiers and is progressing through Phase 1b Tier 1, vaccine will be available at Health Care Providers and Pharmacies.  If you have been added to the list to be contacted, understand this may not happen soon. Calling and emailing to "check" only slows the process further as staffing is very limited. 

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