Upcoming Elections

November 6, 2018 Statewide General Election

This is an ALL MAIL Ballot election. There will be no polling places designated.


June 5, 2018 Statewide Direct Primary Election

This is an ALL MAIL Ballot election. There will be no polling places designated.

Accessible Voting:
If you are unable to vote without assistance, you can access your remote Accessible Vote-By-Mail Ballot & Accessible Voter Guide here at https://sites.omniballot.us/06091/app/home.

View Your Sample Ballot in Spanish:

Ballot Type 1Downieville No. 1/Downieville No. 2/Goodyears Bar
Ballot Type 2Alleghany/Pike/Calpine/Sattley/Sierraville/Loyalton No. 3 Outside
Ballot Type 3: Sierra City No. 1/Sierra City No. 2
Ballot Type 4: Sierra City No. 4
Ballot Type 5: Sierra City No. 3/Verdi/Long Valley/Loyalton No. 2 Outside
Ballot Type 6: Loyalton No. 4 East/Loyalton No. 4 West/Loyalton No. 4 South
Ballot Type 7: Loyalton No. 5 West/Loyalton No. 5 Outside/Sierra Brooks No.1/
Sierra Brooks No. 2

Spanish Voter Information Pamphlet: This is a combined pamphlet that includes candidate statements and measures for all voting precincts located within Sierra County. Your ballot may not include all races and measures seen in this pamphlet.

The California Secretary of State mails one Voter Information Guide to every household with a registered voter. This guide covers all propositions and candidate statements for statewide elections.

Unsigned Ballot Envelopes - 8 Day Cure
If you received notice that you did not sign your returned Vote-by-Mail ballot envelope, please complete and return an Unsigned Ballot Statement to ensure your ballot is counted. Please review the return options on the form.

Sierra County Measure A
Sierra County Measure B
Sierra County Measure C
If you would like to verify the status of your vote-by-mail ballot by phone please call 1-888-223-6443.