Probation History

John Augustus (1785-1859), America's first probation officer, pioneered the idea that other means besides just imprisonment could be more effective in reforming individuals and lowering crime rates. Augustus would post bail and accept individuals into his care "on probation." After a short period of time, he would bring them back to court for a review. It was said that at his death, of the 200 people he helped over the course of 18 years, he only had to forfeit bail on four of them, a truly remarkable record.

Sierra County Chief Probation Officers

Name                                                      Appointed                       Retired/Resigned                            Total

Hardin Piney                                            11/05/1942

J.H Rixey                                                 11/03/1944

Leonard R. Loffmark                                07/16/1953

W. H. Beverly                                           01/01/1964

Earle L. Norwood                                     10/13/1964     

Albert F. Thomas                                      09/01/1965    

Lee Borne                                                10/23/1967

Daniel "Bud" Hafey                                  10/31/1969 

Ilah M. Hafey (interim)                             12/06/1976 

Daniel "Bud" Hafey (returned)                      ~ 1978

Pete Villarreal                                           07/27/1985                    12/31/2006                                    20 yrs, 5 mos

Janine Nicholi                                           07/01/2007                    02/16/2009                                      1 yr, 6+ mos   

Jeff Bosworth                                            04/01/2009                    Present

Janine Nicholi interim 12/31/2006