Sierra County Probation Statistics


Percentage of convicted felons placed on probation:

California: 72%                         Sierra County: 86%


There is a popular misconception that Sierra County is a "dumping ground" for other county's probationers or parolees; however, the fact is that since 2009 we have actually transferred more cases out of the county than we have accepted as transfer in:

Transferred In: 19                    Transferred Out: 22

Completing Probation

Different counties measure success rates in different ways, making it difficult to compare rates across the state.

Success rate for probationers participating in Drug Court: 82%

Success rate for probationers who were not in Drug Court: 60%

Probation population by offense type since 2009

Alcohol: 13.6%                                  

Drugs: 14.8%

Violence/Weapons: 14.8%

Property: 34.6%

Sex crimes: 4.5%

Domestic violence/child endangerment: 9%

Other: 18.1%

Sierra County prison Commits since 2009 by offense type:

Alcohol: 22.7%

Drugs: 0%

Violence/Weapons: 13.6%

Property: 31.8%

Sex Crimes: 4.5%

Domestic violence/child endangerment: 9%

Other: 18.1%