Oral Health Program

Logo for the Sierra County Oral Health Program

In 2018, Sierra County received funding from the California Department of Public Health to establish an oral health program.  This funding was made possible by the enactment of Proposition 56, a $2 excise tax on tobacco and tobacco products.  The mission of the Oral Health Program is to educate Sierra County residents about oral health, dental disease prevention, and provide linkage to treatment of dental disease; including disease caused by the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products.  

Oral Health Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee strives to improve access to oral health resources and enhance the reach of current oral health programming provided by health-based organizations in Sierra County.  Additionally, this multi-agency collaborative works to provide oral health education and prevention opportunities to all of Sierra County's residents.  

For more information or if you are interested in becoming an advisory committee member for the Sierra County Oral Health Program, contact Kylie Ures at (530) 993-6704 or click here to email. 

Advisory Committee Meetings

Dates are written according to year, month, and day.  For example, August 30, 2019 is written as 190830.