Probation History

John Augustus (1785-1859), America’s first probation officer, pioneered the idea that other means besides just imprisonment could be more effective in reforming individuals and lowering crime rates. Augustus would post bail and accept individuals into his care "on probation." After a short period of time, he would bring them back to court for a review. It was said that at his death, of the 200 people he helped over the course of 18 years, he only had to forfeit bail on four of them, a truly remarkable record.

Sierra County Chief Probation Officers

               Name                                          Begin               End (when known)

  • Ruth A Taylor                                 6/10/35               8/01/39  
  • A E Pezzola                                   8/11/39
  • Leonard R Loffmark (Acting)         1/15/41              
  • Harden Riney                                11/05/42               8/01/47
  • Leonard R Loffmark                       7/25/47
  • Woodrow M Lamberth                    7/01/63               12/20/63
  • W. H. Beverly                                  1/01/64
  • Earle L Norwood                            10/13/64              9/01/66
  • Albert F Thomason                         9/01/66
  • Lee Borne                                      11/08/67               8/22/69
  • Woodrow M Lamberth  (Acting)      8/22/69              11/16/69
  • Daniel “Bud” Hafey                         11/16/69
  • Ida Hafey  (Acting)                          12/06/76
  • Daniel “Bud” Hafey  (Returning)      Unknown           July 1985        
  • Pete Villarreal, Jr.                            7/27/85               12/30/06
  • Janine Nicholi (Acting)                    12/31/06              6/30/07
  • Janine Nicholi                                  7/01/07                2/16/09
  • Jeff Bosworth                                   4/01/09               4/30/20
  • Chuck Henson                                 5/01/20               Present

The end date is not always specified in county records. Until Daniel “Bud” Hafey was permanently appointed in 1974, it appears that the title of probation officer (it wasn’t called chief then) was for a two-year term. 

Pete Villarreal appears to be the first one to be officially called "Chief Probation Officer." Prior to him the official title was "Probation Officer"