Ways to Help

Ways to Help

There are a number of ways that members of the community can get involved with probation. Sometimes, you can help us and sometimes we can help you. Here are some ideas.

Community Service

Most probationers are required to complete community service as a condition of probation. Giving back to the community is often an important step in rehabilitation. If you represent a non-profit organization, are a senior citizen or disabled, and are willing to have someone on probation perform work service for you, please contact the probation department and a representative will contact you.


Because of their legal situation and its related issues, many probationers have difficulty finding employment. The probation department would like to maintain a list of employers who are willing to give probationers a chance to improve their lives. If you are an employer and you are willing to hire someone on probation in the right circumstances, whether it be full time, part time or seasonal, please contact us and you will be put on our list.


At some point in our lives, pretty much all of us have needed help from someone else. Many of our probationers are in very difficult situations and are earnestly trying to better themselves. If you would like to make a donation for someone in need who is on probation, please contact us.

Here are some ideas that have helped in the past:

  • Used Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Toys for children