Current Planning Projects

The projects below have been submitted to the Planning Department for consideration. Links to studies, staff reports, public hearing notices, etc. will be added as the information is available.

To receive notifications or additional documentation about current planning projects please email Kathy Whitlow and indicate the project you are interested in.

PDF # 1551 General Plan Housing Element Negative Declaration and
                    2014-2019 Housing Element Update
PDF # 1652 Roney Conditional Use Permit
PDF # 1651 Hawxhurst Parcel Merger Staff Report
PDF # 1647 Big Springs Garden Conditional Use Permit & Site Plan Review
PDF # 1646 RR Lewis Small Water Co. Conditional Use Permit
PDF # 1630 Brau/Vilas Lot Line Adjustment Staff Report

Approved/Past Projects
PDF # 1608 Firm Foundation Academy ZC, SUP

February 24, 2015

Staff Report
                                  August 10, 2017 Staff Report

PDF # 1591 Eagle Bird Mine Reclamation Plan

April 16, 2015 Staff Report & (IS/MND)

Sierra County Energy Action Plan