Planning Applications Forms & Process

Entitlement Applications

Each application submitted to our office is required to have the following forms and information included in the packet before it will be deemed complete by the Planning Department.

  • Application form - complete with signatures
  • Signed Agreement for Indemnification and Reimbursement for Extraordinary Costs
  • Non-refundable application review fee of $100.00
  • Any additional information that is requested within the application form, (e.g., Preliminary Environmental Questionnaire plot plan, site plan, grading plan, maps, etc.)  Please see the application form, below, for a complete list of required documents.



Once an application has been received, planning staff will review the submission for completeness. Within 30 days a letter will be sent to the applicant, notifying whether the submission is complete or incomplete, and requesting additional information if incomplete, and requesting the estimated application processing fees. Once the application is deemed complete and the fees are collected, the application processing starts. The project will be routed to various county, state and federal agencies for their comments on the project (this routing takes approximately 3 weeks). At the close of this routing period, the Planning Director will make a determination whether further environmental processing is required or not under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and notify the applicant if additional deposits are necessary to begin this analysis. Once this process is complete, planning staff will begin to write the staff's recommendation to be presented before the hearing body. The project will then be noticed for public hearing, and 10 days later will be presented before the hearing body for determination or entitlement. Each project differs, and so does the processing time and processing fees.

For more information please contact us.